• Demon-Spidercat

    Okay, hey everyone! Some of you may know me as D3M0N-SPiD3RCAT on DeviantART, and I had quite a few people read my newest PokéPasta, "Depressing Insanity". Since the site rules are 'no more PokéPastas', I decided to link you guys to my story since it recommended me to post it somewhere else! The story is about an insane Sylveon who was mistreated because the player, a.k.a. me, didn't like him for who he was. Yes, the Sylveon in the story was a male and was mistreated so much that it drove him to insanity. Yes, I do actually have a male Sylveon on my team named Sylvie and that is what inspired me to make this story, and for god's sake don't hate on me for 'mistreating him'. The story isn't real, and plus I freaking love Sylveons so why woul…

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