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  • I live in New Zealand
  • I was born on September 14
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am Female
  • Delnum

    Why is it creepy?

    March 15, 2014 by Delnum

    What do you find particularly creepy, and why? I personally find surrealistic imagery unsettling because it reminds me of my nightmares. One particular emotion that I get when I look at dark surrealism is wistfulness, I presume.

    I understand what people find creepy is a matter of perspective. I'm fascinated by what people find unsettling (rather then scary) and why.

    I'd see someone creeped out by a spider, but to someone else they just come across as cute. I think a factor that plays into this is how the individual grew up, and another would be genetic memory (obviously). Most people would find millipedes creepy, for example. Not many people would find the colour orange creepy.

    But why do we find things like manniquins, clowns, dolls, or skel…

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