Listen, I'm sorry about my friend, miss weeping angel back in may. she's a loyal friend, and seems to not like people messing with her friends.

Needless to say, I'm not sorry about most of the things i wrote about in my previous blog entry. Yes, I did write it in a semi-harsh way, but that's only because I was very dissappointed in this website. The one place where I thought that i could have fun writing creepy stories turned out to be not very fun at all. trust me, I'm  not the only one to think this. if you go to and do enough reasaerch, you'll find that there are tons of people who dislike this site due to the harsh rules.

Now, I'm not once again doting on this site, I've actually calmed down from the last time i've written; not because I was rudefully blocked for a month for, " plaigiarism" (in which one of my already-deleted stories were used against me). Really, that doesn't solve anything for the ones who are trying to speak their minds. It only helps them to dislike this site even more.

What I'm trying to do is help the admins see that they're losing possible good stories. word travels fast, and non-factual opinions are made in seconds. As of this post, this wiki has 11,925 pages on it, not excluding the main page. If there weren't as many harsh rules, in which seem to be getting harsher by the day, there could be thousands, if not millions more!  

I'm begging you, admins, please hear me out. i would love to see this wiki thrive even more than it already has , but right now, I'm afraid that i don't see it happening any time soon. Maybe, if you do hear me out, there would be a lot less complaints out there against you, making your lives even better.