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March 31, 2014
  • Dela livi

    i beg you

    June 10, 2014 by Dela livi

    Listen, I'm sorry about my friend, miss weeping angel back in may. she's a loyal friend, and seems to not like people messing with her friends.

    Needless to say, I'm not sorry about most of the things i wrote about in my previous blog entry. Yes, I did write it in a semi-harsh way, but that's only because I was very dissappointed in this website. The one place where I thought that i could have fun writing creepy stories turned out to be not very fun at all. trust me, I'm  not the only one to think this. if you go to and do enough reasaerch, you'll find that there are tons of people who dislike this site due to the harsh rules.

    Now, I'm not once again doting on this site, I've actually calmed down from the last time i've written; …

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  • Dela livi

    i need to vent

    May 7, 2014 by Dela livi

    That's really it! I'm just sick of every story I post getting deleted. I've run it through both a grammar AND a spell check, but it still gets deleted, why? at first, I really just thought that maybe it was through some little knit-picked fault of my own, but no, it's not.

    I've had not one, not two, but THREE stories deleted off of this wiki, and I don't think it's right. For one, a site like this should at least delete a story and send the author a message on what they did wrong. Also, why exactly are there so many rules to begin with? IT'S MISSING FUN!!!

    This seems more like a tyrant website than a community, and it's probably deterring people from actually writing more pastas. No wonder there's so many other creepypasta sites out there; and…

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  • Dela livi

    hi! so, this is possibly a weird idea, but I'm looking for creepypastas that I can put into a theme song video. half of it is expressing what I think about what most represents a certain cp, and the other half is putting creepypastas out there and making them more famouse.

    I've already got 39 of them spanning four videos, and I would like to make tons more. if you have one that you want to be in a video, then please comment to tell me, and send me a link to their story.

    also, if it's your own creation, then please tell me if you have a song that you think represents your pasta. I'd rather get what you think is the best theme for your character(s)

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  • Dela livi

    I've decided to make a wiki of my own to help those who are having trouble editing their creepypasta stories to perfection. it's called editpasta, and i'll be glad to help you with your stories in any way I can. i'll even store a copy of your pasta so that you can recover it later if it gets deleted.

    here's the link: [1]


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  • Dela livi

    yeah, I posted a creepy pasta, but i'm not sure whether or not I posted it on the right spot or not. I went to the "contribute" tab. please tell me if that was the right tab or not, and if not, please direct me to the right place. thanks a ton!


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