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aka Trityn Daevyd LeAlyn Finley

  • I live in my own little world~
  • My occupation is Making grumpy kitties happy.
  • I am Male
  • Defrether

    So many writers are looking at Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, Sonic.exe and "scary popup" pastas. It's sickening what you call good. So, we came up with a list of what not to do. But that'd be boring, so let's make a story. Remember, I'm too lazy to make a list, so we made the story. See if you can find all the no-no's in this story.

    "OH GOD, GUYS, you are never gonna believe this, like, 666, 13 and 43 are my fav numbers, but, that's besides the point, My little brother, he just like, fucking FLIPPED, AND STABBED OUR DAD TO DEATH, LIKE, WTF MAN, But no, that's not all, we recorded our bedrooms, and I caught my bro doin' the frickle frackle with his blow u- I mean, a weird creature came into his room, and stuffed his foot in his mouth, choking …

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