aka Troy boyer

  • I live in Miami Ok
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is Artillery Wikia / Millitary vehicles wiki
  • I am Male
  • Deathsblood

    The point of the website

    February 22, 2016 by Deathsblood

    A lot of people on this website seem to think its all about making and reading stories well your kinda right but not completely, because this website is more strict than most creepypasta sites with make for higher quality stories.

    So point of my rambiling dont complain when your story get deleted.

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  • Deathsblood

    Really you have to rage?

    February 18, 2016 by Deathsblood

    I have seen a lot of rage comments going out to alot of people and to those people i say shut up quit acting like  three year old you dont really need to do that instead of people being civilized they lash out at admins instead of seeing their own error's.

    Thank You DB

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  • Deathsblood

    Being An Expert

    February 16, 2016 by Deathsblood

    For My Time of being apart of the creepypasta wikia i have wrote many stories only to be rejected. In my time of being here (only like a month) Im now going to find the best stories (send me any) and see if theyre great. After i do that i'll put them up on my page for all to see (only good pastas) Peace out :)

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  • Deathsblood

    New Story

    February 10, 2016 by Deathsblood

    This is my first blog post so yah hi

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