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Which Creepypasta would seem more of an over protective if you were their kid?

              Okay so me and my little Death wolves were walking when I came to see an old time friend.So we talked about Creepypasta and then this question came along.`Which Creepypasta guy would be an over protective father if then  had kids and who would you want as a father?So pretty much I want you guys to tell me who you think would be over protective and who's kid you would rather be.      

               To me I thought Slender Man would be over protective and a awesome father  because in a starnge way he seem to have that father like quality to him dispite the fact that he kills little kids.He would follow you like a dad watching over you. 

        DeathAngeles WolvesS&D57 (talk) 03:29, May 13, 2014 (UTC)DeathAngelDeja

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