For several years I've been fascinated by this story, its creepy, and personally, I believe in it. This story is claimed to be true. The story is explained in this video, (skip to 2:09)

Additionally, Reed took footage of his encounter just after he killed the alien to check if he wasn't having a vision, he also took the alien home and filmed himself investigating it. The body was taken by the men in black as the story goes (I know "men in black" sound ridiculous and cliche, but that is who took the body from Reed apparently)

Now I know that many of you and many others on the net are thinking, this is a hoax. Done for reasons such as fraud, fame etc. There are some things about the case which some other believers of Reed have pointed out, and the first I pointed out myself:

1. I'm quite a creative writer, I'm not the best writer on CP, but my stories can be very creative, but if this was hoaxed, Reed is some truly creative guy. I myself am interested in the UFO subject and like to brainstorm creative alien stories, but none could get up to this. And this guy is just a psychologist and occasional hiker not a sci fi author or fan. 2. The supposed Roswell UFO crash in 1947 has driven everyone nuts with wonder, so why not this as much? If you've seen the Syfy show Fact or faked there is an episode where they investigate this case, with one of them saying it could be the biggest alien case since Roswell. Similarly, in November this year the "goatman" was sighted in several states and the internet went crazy over it, but this case, with includes actual footage taken, never seems to have caught attention. 3. Videos of Dr Reed show him discussing his encounter look so real, you can hear the truth in his voice. Plus theres an entire website dedicated to this case 4. This guy lost his job, and apparently had his friends murdered or arrested by the men in black as they were involved with the case. He was ridiculed ever since it happened too, would such a hoax be worth it?

Feel free to disagree with me on this, I'm not a professional anti-skeptic or UFOlogist, but I really just wished to share this story with the CP community to see what you lot think of it, as it sounds like CP fuel to me.