I know lost episode pastas aren't even allowed on this site anymore as they're so cliche, but I've just been thinking about scary things I can recall for my past a while to see if I can relate, as I feel like I've had two experiences that are like a lost episode pasta. The first one is a dream I had as a little kid that for years haunted me, and I always thought it was an actual episode. The show Pingu with the funny and much loved claymation penguin, I had some nightmare when some woman grabs Pingu and takes him out of frame. The camera then shakes a bit and a sound like a vacuum cleaner plays, and the shot changes to a wishing machine in the corner of the igloo with pingu inside, looking expressionless and inanimate, just swirling around and around. That may sound either creepy or dumb, but its always till this day felt creepy, I just never quite got what that nightmare meant, if you guys have anything like that tell me in the comments as I like seeing if these things can relate.

Another experience isn't really creepy but just horrible, and its more like a lost "book" than an episode. In my childhood I had a book called "sharks and other underwater monsters, the worlds most terrifying creatures," and it had pages of dangerous sea animals and each animal had a set of photo realistic illustrations showing them in action. I know in nature animals have to hunt to survive and do certain things to escape from danger, but this book I think went a bit too far especially if it was aimed at educating kids. The page on the American Alligator showed some drawings of a man walking his dog past a river and then a gator jumps out and bloodily tears his dog apart, the only text I remember reading "the man walks off home, heartbroken by his lost, yet realizing he had a lucky escape himself," another page had a fisherman catching a spiky scorpion fish and having a spine driven right through his hand. My best guess is that it was to warn kids not to mess with such creatures or go near them. Anyone else had something like this?