1. Introduce fears when writing horror or emotional storys

  2. Try to have creative names, but not to strange. try avoid using Kylie, Jack, ect.

3. Avoid gore unless fitting. Don't use... "There was blood on the walls and on the floor, it poored out of the illuminated telivision."

4.  Don't be too descriptive, ecspecially when using a first person point of view, remember, it's not meant to be extremely though about.   5.  Use your own ideas and be original, don't copy someone elses and change it a tiny bit.

6. Try to use descriptive words and avoid too many dull ones like "spilt, cried, screamed" instead use "poured, sobbed, screached/howled"

7. When telling a story in a first person point of view, don't always be too confident in storys.

8.  Don't take too much time describing one thing like clothes, characters, surrounding, ect. remember, it's not a novel.

9. Use your own ideas and be creative, friends!