Hello everyone I'm Smile.. A few months ago this thing, Jane I think her name is, killed my one true love, Jeff. I met Jeff on the first day of school for him. He was different, I liked that. After school I fallowed him home. His brother ,Lou, wasn't as special as him. Maybe it was because he didn't have Jeff's blue eyes or flowing blond hair. I was and am in love. When Jeff had his little accident I stayed at hospital the whole time he was there. I got him flowers and I read to him. I read scary stuff because I liked it. Well it was Creepypasta stuff I read about. Yup scary, horror, creepy stuff.

             Once Jeff was realized from the hospital I spent the night in the tree by his window. He looked so different ,he looked even more beautiful. His white skin glistened in the sun. That night when he went into his bathroom I knew he was going in there to make himself more beautiful. Next thing I knew he was irresistible. His black ringed eyes and that SMILE. I loved his smile it was so beautiful I had to have it but, I couldn't take it away from him so I hide my with blue tape. 2 pieces forming a X. That's how I got my name SMILE...
             After a few weeks of fallowing Jeff around and watching him I decided to help him. They say he killed around 125 people I say more like 30. I killed them so he could have the glory. Then when I was just about to reveal to Jeff that I had been helping him SHE came. She had black eyes and black hair. Her name was Jane. What a horrible thing she did. She killed my love. Now I must kill her. I must do what I can for Jeff. I will kill everyone who is reading or listing to this. 
                Lock your doors, close your windows and hope I don't come for you tonight, but I am coming and nothing can stop me for I am Smile