• Dearallyway


    July 28, 2013 by Dearallyway

    Hello everyone I'm Smile.. A few months ago this thing, Jane I think her name is, killed my one true love, Jeff. I met Jeff on the first day of school for him. He was different, I liked that. After school I fallowed him home. His brother ,Lou, wasn't as special as him. Maybe it was because he didn't have Jeff's blue eyes or flowing blond hair. I was and am in love. When Jeff had his little accident I stayed at hospital the whole time he was there. I got him flowers and I read to him. I read scary stuff because I liked it. Well it was Creepypasta stuff I read about. Yup scary, horror, creepy stuff.

    Once Jeff was realized from the hospital I spent the night in the tree by his window. He looked so different ,he looked even more … Read more >