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Zkills Reviews: Bakersfield High School

Deadzkills September 12, 2013 User blog:Deadzkills

Hello there, ladies and gentleman. Welcome to....

Zkills Reviews!

Basically, I review a random pasta on this site, and that's it! This story is under the Ghosts category.

Let's start with a basic synopsis...

This story is about the story of one of America's unluckiest schools ever, Bakersfield High School. There were various scary stories about the school, but one was put to the test by the main character's father, who finds a rather weird sight, with two couples from the 50's making out by the stands (How stereotypical, eh?). I won't reveal more.

Now, here is the problem. The spooky ghosts from the 50's. Was there really a point to them, really? I mean, yeah, it would be a little weird to find two dead people making out, but is that really bone-chillingly scary? I would rather learn more about the girl who kills herself. That would be more interesting.

Another factor in this is that it is just too short. For this to be great, the author should at least give more detail, because this story is just a dull, boring, generic ghost story. Don't go to the spooky stands at the high school, you'll die! Oooooh! Yeah, not scary.

I would give this story, a 2/5. It is generic, run of the mill, and not scary. The last one is a biggy.

I'll see you guys later on my next review. Until then, have a nice sleep.

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