Whenever I see a new story on the wiki activity, I get excited. But then it's just another bad attempt by a possible 9 year old who thought that scary cartridges are actually decent still. When it's not about video games, it's usually a terrible story in general, filled with spelling and grammar issues, walls of text and many other problems.

So this brings the question: Is there no actually decent pastas being written anymore? When I was not a user on this wiki, I saw some awesome stuff being made every day. Now, that magic just seems to be gone now. I'm definitely not the one to revolutionize, so I hope for other people to so. But the fact is, there is not many people doing that. Usually, it's just cliches, grammar issues, and many other things. So where is the good pasta?

I am not saying that everybody on this site is an illiterate child trying to get their name out there, but that is what makes up most of the population here. Sure, i'll find a good pasta here or there, but that doesn't come up often. 

I like to write stories. I know they are not the best stories compared to the great ones, like Happy Appy, or The Russian Sleep Experiment, but at least I try. I don't think a few here has what it takes to be a really great pasta writer. I know i'm not the best, I will probably never will be. But at least people should take the chance to actually write good pasta. 

And for those who write good pastas, well done!