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  • Deadzkills

    I have been gone for so long, I almost forgot this place existed.

    Then I re-discovered this site when I heard about the twelve year olds and shit.

    Has anything changed since I have been gone?

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  • Deadzkills

    Hello there, ladies and gentleman. Welcome to....

    Zkills Reviews!

    Basically, I review a random pasta on this site, and that's it! This story is under the Ghosts category.

    Let's start with a basic synopsis...

    This story is about the story of one of America's unluckiest schools ever, Bakersfield High School. There were various scary stories about the school, but one was put to the test by the main character's father, who finds a rather weird sight, with two couples from the 50's making out by the stands (How stereotypical, eh?). I won't reveal more.

    Now, here is the problem. The spooky ghosts from the 50's. Was there really a point to them, really? I mean, yeah, it would be a little weird to find two dead people making out, but is that really bone…

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  • Deadzkills

    Whenever I see a new story on the wiki activity, I get excited. But then it's just another bad attempt by a possible 9 year old who thought that scary cartridges are actually decent still. When it's not about video games, it's usually a terrible story in general, filled with spelling and grammar issues, walls of text and many other problems.

    So this brings the question: Is there no actually decent pastas being written anymore? When I was not a user on this wiki, I saw some awesome stuff being made every day. Now, that magic just seems to be gone now. I'm definitely not the one to revolutionize, so I hope for other people to so. But the fact is, there is not many people doing that. Usually, it's just cliches, grammar issues, and many other t…

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  • Deadzkills

    I know a lot of people here write scary stories and such. So I am just assuming that people like to watch scary MOVIES. If so, which movies? One of my favourite movies is an indy movie called "Grave Encounters". It's about a TV show crew that goes to "haunted" locations all over the world. They go to a haunted asylum, and it actually is haunted. They try to escape, but the asylum won't let them. It is another one of those "found footage" movies (Yeah, you can hate me for that), but I was genuinely scared when I first saw it. But the ending was horrible, though. 

    If anybody watches horror movies, which one is your favourite?

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