Okay, hello guys! It's Taylor here with a Halloween post! Now, as you all know, evil beings come out on Halloween night, so... that means you could actually see a creepypasta!!! :D BUT, if you see Jeff the Killer and you are a fangirl, don't be stupid and run up to hug him. Have common sense and get the heck out of there... 

Yes, I know, I know. Your probably gonna say "NO creepypasta is real." BULL. I can believe in them if I want to! I actually believe in them. Especially Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, and BEN Drowned. Those are my top three. But anyways, I love Halloween. It's the only time I get to dress up in weird costumes in public and not get weird looks by other people. 

Costumes are the most exciting things on Halloween. There are so many creative ones! (This year I'm going to be BEN Drowned). But, I'm not getting any candy, I'm going to scare kids with my awesome group of friends who agreed to all be creepypastas. 

To tell you the truth, I don't trust the candy. Getting candy from strangers is something risky. Just like the old rumor, BLADES. And one more thing... PEDOPHILES. I don't wanna get candy from a stranger and never be seen again. That would suck lollipops. 

That's the end of my post. I hope everyone has a scary Halloween and I will see you again soon!!!
Ben drowned by ren ryuki-d69ljii