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Nightmares won't go away

DeadThing December 31, 2014 User blog:DeadThing

I'm still having nightmares... Every night I have at least one. It's worse if I sleep in the studio. It's like all the horror I felt in here somehow contaminated these rooms forever. It feels like my fear is still lingering on the air, and I feel unease and paranoid whenever I'm in here during the night. I have a second bedroom, that I now use to keep old toys. I might move my stuff there, and abandon the studio, or maybe my sister wants to trade bedrooms. Why this fear won't go away? I know with my mind that nothing supernatural happened, then why can't my amygdala let this go? The strange thing is, whenever I'm writing about this, I get the distinct feeling that something will grab my feet from under the desk. I can see under the desk, and I can see my feet there. There's nothing there but them. Still, it feels like something is just a few milimiters from closing in on my feet. I can almost feel its touch.

I'm begining to think something else happened that night. No ghosts, no bugs. Something else entirely, that I repressed. Something really bad. I'll ask my parents for help first thing tomorrow, this is gone too far.

On a related subject, I still can't read stories from this wiki. I used this wiki before as a way to feel something, because the world used to be such a boring place. Now I have my own horror to fill my existence, and it's no fun at all.

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