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  • DeadThing

    Nightmares won't go away

    December 31, 2014 by DeadThing

    I'm still having nightmares... Every night I have at least one. It's worse if I sleep in the studio. It's like all the horror I felt in here somehow contaminated these rooms forever. It feels like my fear is still lingering on the air, and I feel unease and paranoid whenever I'm in here during the night. I have a second bedroom, that I now use to keep old toys. I might move my stuff there, and abandon the studio, or maybe my sister wants to trade bedrooms. Why this fear won't go away? I know with my mind that nothing supernatural happened, then why can't my amygdala let this go? The strange thing is, whenever I'm writing about this, I get the distinct feeling that something will grab my feet from under the desk. I can see under the desk, a…

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  • DeadThing

    It was for the best.

    December 24, 2014 by DeadThing

    Ever since the story I wrote based on my experience was deleted, I've been feeling much better. I might even be able to frequent the wiki once more and read stories. The story haunted me worse than my own memories of the event. I'm glad it's gone.

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  • DeadThing

    I thought talking about this ( would make it better, as lots of creepypastas claim. It didn't make it better. I'm having nightmares everyday. I don't know if writing about it made it worse, or if it just didn't help at all and this would be the natural course of events after my experience. I'm inclined to think I would be better off if I would just had never put this into words. The memory of that night would be repressed and it would have been for the best. For this reason, I think it will help me if I write this blog post to try to debunk my own story. If I manage to not believe this anymore, then I will be fine. Otherwise, I don't think my mind will last much longer.

    I will n…

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