• DeadFoxess Don't Lie

    You think..KILLING  a man is easy..Its not.It takes two.The killer and the suffest.One to do the crime.One to take the blame."You never need to carry more than you can hold."Don't ever do it alone.Ever.You need to ,but can't.You  can feel the air in your lungs getting thick.The air is unbearabe.You cant breate.The darknes sof the cellar is cunning and everywhere.You can't escape.It will forevermore surround you."How do I escape?!This is a never ending date with death."I would rather die Proud and Slowly then in Shame and Quickly.I cant die now I have made it to far.To long.I will not give up.You struggle to pull yourself off the ground with ankles & wrists tied...It is impossible...Not at all...I have to give up.Im dead...

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