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  • DeadBoyWalking

    I don't know anymore why I joined this wiki, but I know that apparently I can't write good creepypastas for shit. I've read the quality standards, I'm pretty sure I'm up to par. And so what my stories are a little cliché? Sometimes a cliché can assist a story. So let me ask YOU, administrators. 1. Why am I not good enough to write decent stuff? And 2. WHY AM I THE CREEPYPASTA WRITING EQUIVALENT OF GARY BUSEY?! i.e.. can't be taken seriously.

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  • DeadBoyWalking


    January 24, 2014 by DeadBoyWalking

    Hello. My name is, well you don't need to know. I'm looking for new pasta ideas, considering my first one, a spinoff of The Alice Killings, sucked big time. I'm open to any or all suggestions and ideas.

    Thanks for the ideas. I'll think about which idea I like the most. Maybe it will help me with my next project.

    Oh, and to Tucutucson, I'm going to give credit to the idea I use. And I'm asking for help because of writer's block.

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