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October 12, 2011
  • Dburch111

    How's it going fellow creepypasta fans. It's Dburch back, writer of the creepypasta that gained some attention: "The Game with No Name." I apologize for not posting in a while or making any edits, I've just been doing other things. I just came back today mainly to browse, and review my pastas. I just realized how many errors there were in the DEAD story. I'm sorry for that, I wrote that story half awake and never revised or checked it.... lol. As for my story, The Game with No Name, it was in production back then, and I posted a WIP version of it, but I didn't realize people didn't take too kindly to chop-pastas around here, so I deleted it and worked on it for a little bit before leaving the idea alone, as I didn't like where it wen…

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