Hi all, Dax here... The most creepiest thing happend to me today... The good thing is I FINALLY have insperation on what Pasta I should write, so here's what happend:

It was lunch at school me and my friends (one of them is DeltaCommandCenter here, no idea if I spelt his name right :P but yeah, he said he'd make a blog on it too because this did SERIOUSLY happen) we were thinking of an idea for this animation series we're gonna make (and no I won't tell you because some little git will ptobably steal the idea and our characters from us) so yeah we were designing another character and seriously he was creepy as hell (that's how we were meant to make him like) but yeah, most of us were getting scared sick of this thing and yeah we were going on about it being the next hit Creepypasta and all but this is when it got weird. The only colour I added to it was red for the pupils and blood from the eyes and teeth (it was crying blood, also there was some coming out of bullet holes) I didn't want to take it home with me when we had to pack up so 'DeltaCommandCenter' (no idea if he wants me to mention his real name, he probably doesn't give a damn but I can't be botherd right now, balls to it, I'll just call him DCC -_-) so yeah he decided to take it and this is what happend, when we were talking about it some more randomly the fire alarm went off, but it was alot more high-pitch than usual, but seriously, this was the freakiest coincedence ever, now is the really odd part. The alarm was a drill but this is what happend, me and DCC went back to our art lesson and later on he said he felt something grab his arm but there was nothing there he even sweared on some people's lives about it, now this part really was freaky. At the end of the lesson he put his hand under the table and when he got it out again there was a bit of BLOOD on his finger, he didn't cut it and neither did I, but it was fresh and wet, so yeah... I don't know if this would make a good Pasta but really... It scared the living crap outta me... Uhhh... Some people give me some advice or something? But yeah, to all those people who are just gonna say "FAAAAAKE you just made this up to make it a better Pasta" I swear to Notch I didn't this SERIOUSLY happend and DCC still has the pic but he migh burn it if things start getting really freaky, but he'll hopefully take a pic of it... So yeah... Ummm... I don't know what else to say but... It was freaky ass... -Dax