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  • DaxterDragonic

    Hi all, Dax here... The most creepiest thing happend to me today... The good thing is I FINALLY have insperation on what Pasta I should write, so here's what happend:

    It was lunch at school me and my friends (one of them is DeltaCommandCenter here, no idea if I spelt his name right :P but yeah, he said he'd make a blog on it too because this did SERIOUSLY happen) we were thinking of an idea for this animation series we're gonna make (and no I won't tell you because some little git will ptobably steal the idea and our characters from us) so yeah we were designing another character and seriously he was creepy as hell (that's how we were meant to make him like) but yeah, most of us were getting scared sick of this thing and yeah we were going …

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  • DaxterDragonic

    Hi all, Dax here! I've been on Wikia for just under a year and on CP Wiki for a few months now, and I still havn't written a Pasta, so could you guys give me some suggestions, I wanted to write a Herobrine or Slenderman one but I couldn't think of anything good, you guys got any suggestions of what I could do? Thanks -Dax

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