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aka David Yes

  • I live in Seattle Washington
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is Musician/Writer
  • I am Male
  • DavidYes7.5

    Hey people who actually care about me and my ameturish stories (if there really even are any.) I know I've been in-active with my stories lately, but I'll explain a little on why; just to waste your time. 

    Well, about a week ago, I took my annual visit out to International music camp to take part in the garage band session, where I had a great time as always! After that, I focused a bit on new musical material that I'm throwing together for a little demo solo project. (If you're interested in hearing any of it, I have some of the rough mixes for a few tracks already uploaded on Youtube, just write on my wall here and I'll send you a link.) To add on to all this, my girlfriend is still in europe for another 2 weeks :/ and my English teacher …

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  • DavidYes7.5

    Thanks to awesome admins MooseJuice and LOLSKELETONS, I'm starting to feel much more comfortable with things on this page. Even if they really just think I'm some other guy who's just adding more nonsense to their site, I'm still glad they're awesome enough to look out for me while I'm starting at this :) I want to make great things for people to read! And if that means a rough start where I'm scared and confused and have little experience with showing people my work, then I'll do whatever it takes! I'm just glad those guys are awesome enough to look out for me while I'm doing it! I have a lot of great story ideas that I can't wait to share them with the awesome people on this sight! Even if they don't end up liking them, it'll be great to…

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  • DavidYes7.5

    I've been on this site as a member for barely under an hour, and I'm already sucking! DX I can't figure out how to put my pasta on the Articles Listing page, and whenever I tried, I'm pretty sure I accidentally deleted someone else's pasta! Why the hell do I have to suck at this so much?! I know it's my first day with this, but I honestly shouldn't be this bad ;~; 

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