im warning you this story is still haunting me since i was 12 one dayon the way home from school i decided to take a shortcut through the woods beside my estate

i was walking down the stairs to the bottem of the forest when i heard the bushes moving

i had noclue what or who it was so i just kept going.

then a minute later only a quarter of thw way through i heard the same noise like heaavy breathing and the bushes moving wich freaked me out

so i started walking faster and faster

i hear it again and turn around

ans this.. this thing

i have no fucking clue what it is or what it wants

just staired at me with his.... his face

only there was no face only skin. no eyes no mouth no hair nothing at all.

he was standing staring at me

he had a suit on and his arms. there was about 8 of them

only 2 of them had hands

they nearly reached the floor he was a very tall very slender figure with nothing on his face

then he just... just vanished in thin air

the next day i woke up to being very cold but it was 21 degrese celcius

in school i opened my locker door and a note fell out

it was a drawing of it. that thing from the woods

under it, it said slendy knows you know

wich scared me to unreal contents.

i havnt seen IT in since last month

i just hope it died from the snow or it left forever

im writing this as my last hope of getting this story out there but none of my family or friends believe me

please believe me. please

this was him :,r:33,s:0