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The Return of Darth Weezer

Hello everyone. I have been silent for these past three months, but now I got that itch to get writing and editing again. In January, I stated that my goal was to publish three pastas this year. Well, I sort of knocked that out by April. I began writing a fourth, but it was halted do to writer's block (don't you just hate that?), so I took a break from writing. But now I have a few ideas and am ready to return to writing, editing, and reading. I have to say, it was an honor to see my stories reviewed and narrated on various websites (a wattpad user even published one, and credited me as the author), so I feel a little more confident in my abilities. And reading these pastas are fun, I am going to get started doing that again. Lately, I have been coming here to read the Tobit series, and I just get absorbed in it, it's amazing. So, whether you all missed me or not, I am back. I will also try my hand at helping writers in the Workshop, I have had some success with that in the past, and I am willing to give back to this community by helping out in this area. I look forward to sharing my stories with you all, and reading some of yours. God bless, hope all is well with everyone.

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