Horror was never my cup of tea, but after checking out this wiki a year ago, I was hooked. As a high school student, English was easily my best subject. My essays always got decent marks. But creative writing was something I did in my pre-teen years, but nothing I did much as a teenager. I enjoyed creepypasta enough where I decided to try my hand at a few. My first one, unfortunately, was deleted. It was meant to be a journal pasta (I thought I would do a 1999-esque story), but unfinished stories like that were not allowed on here any longer (to all of you just coming onto the wiki, read ALL the rules!). My second one flopped, mostly due to some broken rules and a horribly generic plotline (once again, make sure to read  all the rules, especially ones pertaining to blacklisted subjects, the villian in my story way to closely resembled Slenderman and it contained psychotic bullies). But I was finally able to post three decent stories to the site (thank you everyone who reviewed my stories and gave me words of encouragement, and thanks, EmpyrealInvective for fixing my formatting mishap and my Categorie Violation), and I must admit, it is very rewarding. One thing I have learned as a writer is that sometimes our characters are like our children. After reading one of my stories, I felt terrible for putting my characters through the wringer. But, in general, creepypasta doesn't end leaving the reader with a smile on their face (perhaps a pychotic smile), but the endings are nevertheless satisfying. Writing these stories has also revealed to me just how twisted my mind can be. But oh well. Now I have a more constructive outlet. I have one more story in my head, one inspired by the Bible. Being a born-again Christian, a creepypasta painted on a biblical canvas is highly appealing to me. Just need to do a little research first. Hope you like my stories, there are links on my homepage. Peace.