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Happy New Years, everyone! Well, I haven't been totally active on this site, but this year I plan to devote more time to writing. To be perfectly honest, I am not the greatest writer, especially compared to many of you here on this wiki. But, I enjoy it immensely nonetheless. There are so many great stories on this wiki, I am so impressed with the talent here. My goal for this year is to successfully publish at least three pastas on here. I have a few ideas for pastas, which I plan to implement very soon. Now that I know what stays and what goes on this site, I am ready to try my hand at more pastas. I plan to make good use of the Writer's Workshop. I just want to thank all the writers and administrators on this site for making my 2015 extra creepy, and for accepting my pasta, Coats. Here's to a productive 2016!

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