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  • I live in Over the Rainbow
  • My occupation is Art mostly
  • I am here to party!
  • Darksparx

    Hi! I'm Darksparx. If you haven't heard of me, that's because I'm rather new to this site. Over Halloween I had become entranced in the world of Creepypasta, mostly from Creepypasta Ratings Index and here. I created an account once I finished my first Pasta, Public Restrooms. 

    The feedback I recieved was really encouraging and is why I am writing this blog. According to one of the comments my writing skills need development but they still gave me a 7/10 rating. They liked the content of the story so I wrote my second one with a wider vocabulary. However I feel at this point that I may not be going in the right direction. 

    My first pasta, Public Restrooms, I feel has a strong plot but lacks in the writing skills department. 

    My second Pasta, F…

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