• Darkrose99

    Happy Nightmare Night, Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve, everyone! I've got a challenge for all you little PastaMonsters out there! If you can manage to scare me with an image you drew yourself or a photo you've taken, I'll proudly draw you, in casual wear or in a Halloween costume, your OC, and a monster of your choice. You can submit on my DeviantART page, HERE ! I promise to tell the truth, so you better to! No faking or stealing other's work. Entries must be entered before Oct. 22, to give me time to review. The scariest overall entry gets a picture of them, their OC, and PastaMonster of their choice.(Slendy, Jeff, BEN, etc.) 2nd will get their OC and self, and 3rd will get themselves in their Halloween costume.

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