Hey... So here I am goin to basically rate and talk about the quality of classic horror movies. I am a total Movie freak. I love the way a simple horror movie can make you scared. I am up for suggestions on what movie's should be mentioned on this blog. I'd like to start out with a classic horror ... loved by many. Written by THE AMAZING STEPHEN KING. The Shining. I have to be completely honest on a level of 1-10 i'd only give it a 4. It may be well-known and apparently well-liked but it didnt scare me all that much. The plot was creative. The location and prop's involved were good. Even the castin was exerlent. (Big fan of Jack) The script on the other hand, i feel, could have been so much better. It only really had a couple scary scenes for me... Of-course the maze... when Johny was chasing after his son. And the bathroom scene. Apart from that it was quit a bore. Does anyone disagree???