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  • Darklulluby


    October 20, 2013 by Darklulluby

    Heheh my first blog ....lets see how this turns out......maybe I should just leave...... So bored (sigh) random stuff all the time ..... Huh I really like anime oh yes I do .....manga games....yup total badass right here...... Drawing and writing is cool I guess ...probably....maybe.... I say that a lot...and now I am just typing whatever.....I like creepy pasta

    .... Paranormal ....I am not mainstream ....or in the crowd either,,,, if your bored just talk or chill with me I don't mind . I am not nice I am mostly cold and distant the smile on my face is just an act kehehehe I hate people they give my headaches bwahahahaah humans are so interesting the way they react well bye . Heheheheheheheehehehehehehehehehehehehehe… Read more >

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