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hey my name is brandon and i have 2 ghosts in my house one good and one evil and the evil one is unknown still i don't know who it is so here is my story about the middle of the summer i heard something and i didn't know where it came from so i went to the computer room and i have a lamp in there and i turned it on well i looked all around to find the noise and i THEN i SAW it............  it looked at me and it had no eyes and a stitched up mouth that went ear to ear i frose i couldn't think or move i was frose from frear knowing that this could be the cause of the marks but then i looked at his hands th... they were human hands so it made no sense on how it was possible to make the marks it was weird so the next mornig i did research i couldn't find anytthing on what that thing was in my house and till this day i still don't know what it is i couldn't get a picture or anything because i was frose i could not do anything all i remember was i thought i hope this is not the cause of my strange marks i have not told anyone except for a few people and they didn't know what it was. i need some help to figure out what this thing is i keep seeing this thing don't know who or what it is but this is starting to freak me out because i can't figure it out i have done more research but still nothing i know the house has belonged to family but who had it before that and before that.. that is what im trying to know about soo i can figure this thing out so i can get it out i do not want it to saty i want it to leave i know i am sounding crazy but i need help really bad like now plzzz... yours truly: darkdeathwolf

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