Since last October, when I joined this Wiki, I've loved writing creepypastas. I wrote a good few stories in the run up to Hallowe'en, then took a two month break to focus on other areas of my life, then I came back to creepypasta writing. But now...I no longer have any ideas. I literally cannot think of a single idea that would serve as the foundation for a good pasta. I've already written about everything that scares me. My last two pastas published to this site were a Lost Episode pasta and a pasta about a guy getting attacked by a thorn bush (the bush pasta and others of mine have been removed at my own request so that I could submit them to a short story magazine)

I've been scraping the barrel, but at least back then there were some dregs in the barrel. Now, it's completely empty, and has been for what feels like weeks.

How do the rest of you writers maintain a steady supply of non-cliche ideas? I'd really like to know, because I'd love to write more pastas.

Ideas that I've been toying with are a story where absolutely nothing happens, it's just a paranoid guy in a dark forest. And there's one about a robotic nanny that kills the kids. But I don't think either or these ideas are original or scary enough.