• DarkDrox31

    Being A Newbie.

    January 18, 2015 by DarkDrox31

    Being a Newbie. It may be tough, like being the new kid in school and no one knows you, no one really wants to know you because you're new, and everyone has already formed friends in their years. True friends that come along once. But who say a friend you just met can't be a real friend? Everyone can be a friend as long they can have the traits of the real friend. On the internet though, I think friends are the people that can relate to you in real life and online. Friends are people who you can talk to, ask questions without hesitation. Not to long ago, about a week ago, I have a friend. She was acting kind of like she was pushing me away, but she told me why. I have another friend, Elizabeth. Celeste told me that she was worried about me…

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