(Warning: Quite a read)

This is the story of the truth, but I doubt you would consider this true. How ironic that the subject is disproved by it’s own thesis, by you of course. I was not different from you, not long ago, believing in fact, living in objectivity. How can the something I’m about to explain be so erroneous, so illogical, to be true? I cannot answer that, nor prove it, but it is my truth. 

I must go to the beginning before the beginning of the act that happened, for you to comprehend the fear I had.

It was November 7th, of my Junior year in high school. The day was an average gray sky, and of no special occasion. My name is Adam Ink. I was sitting with my friends, Haley Rook and Jonathon Leez, in my AP History class. 

We were reviewing Heidegger’s theory of existentialism, how truth can never be proved because we are of a subjective thought process. The only Truth that exists is death and birth. These two alone apply to every single thing in the universe that contains matter. Humans die, birds die, even stars die. And all are born as well. 

Jonathon could be considered a modern day philospher, he alone studies everything that involves Hegel, to Socrates. His favorite subject is actually existentialism, and aptly tuned into Mr. Weehler’s lecture. He’s had a hard life, that Jonathon. I would mention his hardships, but this is neither the place nor could I disclose such personal information of my best friend. Philosophy sent him away from his troubles, he found solace in it’s objectivity and understanding of life.

Haley was my girlfriend, and has been for 3 months now. She was incredibly cute, to me. She had short Brown hair, cut boyish like, she was short of 5’4 and had an incredible figure. She was, by all accounts an extremely attractive person, physically and personality wise. Her personality was that of headstrong anger. Whenever someone told her that “it was impossible for her to do it,” she went out there and worked till she accomplished that impossible thing.

I enjoyed her company, but after the first month that I could tell the relationship wouldn’t last another one. But it did, and now we’re on our third. It was not either one of us exactly, but more me than her. I believe she has a huge thing for me, for reasons I don’t know why, but I held nothing for her. 

After class we were on our lunch break, and the three of us sat at our usual table at the back of the cafeteria. 

“You know, Heidegger has some truth to his theories on truths.” Jon said quietly.

“How so?” I asked 

“He mentions that a form freeing oneself from the human mind. A sort of enlightenment. However one must experience true death before, so only the dead know truth.” Jon informed. 

“So what, like you gotta be a ghost?” asked Haley blankley. 

“I would assume so. But perhaps one could experience true death and then brought back to life to inform of what truth is.” replied Jon.

“But people die all the time though, and then have their heart restarted?” I asked.

“Yes, but they’re not aware that they’re about to die. You have to be aware, and accept the death in order to understand what is after it.” replied Jon.

I was actually worried, fearing that Jon might actually attempt suicide in order to “free” himself. I shot Haley a look of concern, and she did the same to me. This only lasted for a few seconds, otherwise Jon might of noticed this common understanding. 

“Sounds like a load of Bunk to me.” said Haley factually. 

“You don’t know that to be true, till you actually try it…” whispered Jon ever so quietly. I heard it though, and so did Haley.

That ended all conversation for the rest of the lunch break

November 9th of my Junior year in high school. The three of us formed a team for our monthly schools “trash day”, where we walked around our medium sized town picking up trash for extra credit (in teams of 3). We usually just ignored the job, and decided to explore the ‘old’ part of town. 

The old part of town layed northwest of the main core of the town, and consisted of a few small houses and an old medium sized elementary school. The elementary school was actually only built about 30 years ago, and was shut down about 20. The reason was not actually told to us, but there was a rumor that it was built on an earthquake center point and was to hazardous to house children. 

We were always to scared to actually enter the building, fearing that it’s unmaintenence would cause a collapse on anyone who entered it. However, on this day we were feeling extremely adventurous. That was our mistake, our youthful recklessness and passion for exploring the unknown where it is better left undiscovered.

We climbed the hill. The doors were locked with chains and all the windows were nailed shut to prevent anyone from entering inside the condemned building. Jon and I discovered an opening of loose wood on one of the larger windows near the back of the building and the three of us entered. 

Haley immediately felt like she was in danger with her very first step, as did Jon and I, but to a lesser degree. 

We came into a hallway through the gap, and the place somehow contained light. I don’t know from where though, perhaps it was the small openings in the boarded windows. The hallway itself only went 8 feet high, and was colored green, and none of the paint was chipped. Also along the walls were painted flowers and kids holding hands. The typical sort of stuff that elementary schools have. The only sign age was the dust collected on the flower, and light bulbs. We started walking along the halls and we came to our first school room on the left. 

Nothing was new, or unexpected. Stacked desks and chairs, dust, and an empty chalk board. Haley being her skeptical self when dealt with old stuff, told us that this was to creepy for her, and that she would wait out by the entrance. Jon and I decided we would explore a bit more, maybe find anything interesting we could take. I was only 17, and I felt like an archeologist, sifting through the dust, and Jon told me he felt the same way too, and gifted me with one of his rare smiles. 

We went through the building, but slowly we were getting bored. The initial excitement of danger and the unknown disappeared. Everything was empty. Eventually, to save time, we split up to cover all the rooms on each side of the hallway. I finished all mine in a little over half an hour. The light coming from the windows helped greatly, and gave off a little feeling of it being chapel like. Dust particles going through the air as I disturbed their sleep by entering the room and walking around. 

After I finished my side of the hallway, I called out Jons name, but he didn’t respond. I called louder, still no response. Finally I checked through out the rooms on his side, and found his silhouette in the 3rd to the last room to the end. As I entered the room, I noticed the immediate distinction between this room and the others.

The room was dark, with none of the light coming through the window cracks. To see I had to turn on my cell phone, and once I did, I saw the demented spectacle before me. The floor was covered in ripped children’s books pages, with the word “Lies” painted over the pages in red. All the chairs and desks had not been stacked, all of them lined up as if the class was ready to come back from recess. The teachers desk was out to, as if she had just stood up. On each of the desks was a single piece of plain white paper that red “The eyes are lies, True is not the Fool.” The letters of this sentence were lined up with exactly the same spacing and exactly the same size, even the captiols. The 2nd oddest thing about the room, is that there was no dust, as if the classroom had just emptied. 

Then the light flickered on. I don’t know how and I didn‘t question it, I was to scared to think otherwise… And there stood before me, was Jon. Starring at the blackboard. 

The Blackboard was nailed with Barbie’s with no faces. Only Eyes. From Each nail in each Barbie’s chest there was blood forming around the impacted area. The Barbies were nailed sporadically along the wall, except for the center of the blackboard. 

In the center of the blackboard was also face. But only with eyes sunken into their sockets, a mouth with sharpened teeth to the points of triangles and straight black hair, with slim strands over their face. The face also appeared small and young as if he was an elementary kid. He also had no ears and a smile played across his face from edge to edge.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood straight on their ends. 

“Jon…” I whispered “We should leave”.

“Only the dead know truth” he replied in a monotone whisper. He turned to me, his eyes empty of any though.

“Adam, I must free myself, and they are offering it to me.”

“Jon, stop messing around, let’s leave before the principal knows we’ve been gone to long.”

“No, we must free ourselves.” he said defiantly and factually.

“Jon, no, we’re going.”

I then reached out to grab his arm, but on contact he screamed a terrible howl. An unbearable shriek that pierced my ears like gun shots. And then it seemed as the whole building screemed. John then reached out his as if it was a claw trying to grasp my throat, but I moved out of the way in time, and then turned and dashed out the room. 

Jon kept howling, and then the howls seemed to follow me. He himself must chasing after me as I raced down the hall. I have never ran so fast in my life. 

Against Haleys better judgement, she came into the building looking for us after hearing the horrifing screams. I almost collided with her short body as she ran from a side hall and perpendicular with my hall. I shouted to keep running, and towards the exit. I did not look back to check of she was running, but the howling noise stopped chasing after me at that point.

Finally I dashed through the exit, and into the outside night. I kept on running till I couldn’t hear the screams anymore, I kept running till I hit home, I then collapsed into my own bed, ignoring my parents questions about where I was. I told them I was out, unable to explain where I was, and unwanting as well. I could not sleep that night, nor the next one. 

At school the next day, Jon and Haley did not show up, nor the next. Their parents called our house, but I told them I didn’t know where they were. I couldn’t tell anyone what went on there. Who would even believe me? 

On the third day, since the elementary school, I came home and when I entered my room, on the floor, layed a page from the Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham book with the word “Lies” painted over the majority of the page. I instantly picked up the paper and burned it above our bathroom toilet, then flushed the remains down the bowl. I sprayed water in my face and went to look into the mirror. 

As I looked though, for one second, one very miniscule second, my face was replaced by the one on the blackboard I saw. My eyes were sunken, round, and with huge dilated pupils with no iris‘s. I had a very wide smile with sharpened teeth and no lips. I had no nose, instead it was just flat pale skin, pale as the rest of my face. I had no eyebrows or eyelashes either, and no ears. My hair was flat, greasy and covered a few spot of my pale, pale face. 

This image only lasted for a second, but It was enough to have given me a mini heart attack. I left the bathroom in panic. And instantly went outside as the sun was setting. The sun was the only thing that gave me solace, it was the source of safety to me for some reason. And that source of safety was leaving me.

Eventually I gained enough nerve to enter the house, and turn on all the lights. The rest of that evening went as normal, but I try’d to avoid contact with any reflective source in the house. 

I actually fell asleep that night, but had dreamt of Jon’s voice repeatedly saying the phrase “The eyes are lies, True is not the Fool” about a hundred times before rose awake in cold sweat, and then, turning my head, so that creepy, abnormal face on Jons body standing in front of my rooms doorway. I closed my eye and screamed. 

My parents came rushing in, and turned on the light. They saw me sweaty and panicking, and asked what was the matter. I could have explained right then and there of what happened, but I couldn’t bring it to words. For some reason when I try’d to speak, all that came out was “Just a nightmare”. After asking a few questions, and me replying  the same thing “Just a nightmare, don’t worry”. I try’d to tell them, but I couldn’t speak anything than those words, I try’d… but couldn’t. They left, but left my light on. 

I somehow blacked out after that, falling into a deep sleep, but dreaming of nothing. � The next morning I awoke and prepared for school, trying to forget yesterdays anomalies. As I started getting dressed, I noticed a note folded on my desk with my name on the outer folded part. It was in Haley’s handwriting.

I shakily opened the note, and there, with the letters and words evenly spaced out between each other, were several lines that repeated the same phrase “Adam, my love, come back and save me.” The entire page was filled with it. From end to end, from top to bottom.

I decided that was enough as is. 

After school the next day I went home and gathered some spare gasoline from the garage, and a box of matches. I prayed this would work. 

By the time I reached the top of the hill of the old elementary school, the sun had just set. Instead of appearing in the hallway as I entered the building, I instead was standing in middle of the Dark Room.

This time all the Barbies were sitting in the seats of the desks, clothed in school garbs for dolls. All of them were facing the front of the room. At the front of the room stood Jon, in all the same clothing, but instead, his face was the creepy no-nosed thing. 

I turned my head to look at my escape rout, but in front of the door frame stood something that must have been Haley.

That thing that used to have been Haley was freakishly tall, over 9 feet tall. Her amrs were almost the same length as her. She had became extremely hunched over, partially because she can't fit in the room and partially because of her arms wieghing her down. She wore no clothes, and her hair was set to the side with hair pins, was freakishly long, and looked similar to something how school girl wears her hair. Most of all though, her face, or should I say lack of face stood out the most. Instead of facial features, she had smooth flat skin with visible blue veins seen here and there. 

I turned my head to that Jon thing, and he addressed me.

“Death is Freedom. Will you not be free with us Adam?” 

“Jon, I’m sorry” I said “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, I’m sorry you had to free yourself from your pain like this. I should have stepped in.”

I then started spilling gasoline along the floor while continuing my speech, though I didn’t feel like the words were coming to me from my conscious mind. Regardless, they flowed like water.

“We’ve been friends since 2nd grade. I fought your bullies off. You were patient enough to help my helpless struggle in math. You saved my life on our 6th grade field trip when I was almost hit by a car. You grabbed my shirt and pulled me to safety.” I had tears in my eyes at this point.

“I should have acted sooner, I should have saved you from your pain, from your parents, then maybe you wouldn’t have chosen to stay. To test out your dam theory of death freeing you. I could have freed you. I should have freed you.” I believe some part of what I was saying actually got through to whatever part of that thing that was Jon, because that thing didn’t move to stop me as I poured the gasoline around the room.

“And Haley, my dear Haley. I am sorry for what I have done to you. Of my stupid cowardly self.” I was in sobs now. “I should have broken up with you months ago, it was unfair and lazy for me to tell you that I did not have feeling for you after all, above friendship. If I had the courage or will, then you wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t have been transformed into that beast that you are now… I’m also sorry I did not turn back for you, I should have, but I was afraid.”. The can was empty, and I walked towards the middle of the room.

“I cannot make up for what I did, but I can end your misery here.”

I lit a mtach quickly and tossed it 5 feet in front of me. The whole gas-soaked-pages lit up like a pilot light in an instant.

The beast thing that was Haley freaked out and ran towards the fire, knocking desks aside like they were pebbles, with her freakishly long arms. I managed to duck under her left arm, and ran towards the door and as I looked back I saw her trying to stomp and hit out the fire like some kind of wild animal in a panic, afraid that is was going to die. Also, I noticed that The Jon thing mouthed something, which I believe, to this day he said “Run, Adam.”

As I ran down the hallway, I heard the unbearable screams as I did the first time I left the building running. They were following me, but this time, they were much more angrier and high pitched.  I also noticed as I ran down the hallway, the paint started to chip, and the strange chapel-like light from the windows were quickly dying out. These effects became more rapid as I neared the exit of the building, and the screams were almost at a deafening pitch and only inches away from catching me.

I barely made it into the night, as the screames stopped before leaving the building. And again, the screams ran throughout the nearby area. And again I ran home, without stopping. However this time, I was in tears.

Upon entering my room though, with my smoky smelling clothes, I noticed a letter on my desk. It was in Jon’s handwriting, and had my name on the outside fold. I opened with calm hands, and it read:


We forgive and love you, sincerely,

                                                         Jon, your brother.

                                                         Haley, your lover.

Written Anonymously

Edited by DarkAtNight (a.k.a Carter S.)