• DarkAtNight


    December 7, 2013 by DarkAtNight

    (Warning: Quite a read)

    This is the story of the truth, but I doubt you would consider this true. How ironic that the subject is disproved by it’s own thesis, by you of course. I was not different from you, not long ago, believing in fact, living in objectivity. How can the something I’m about to explain be so erroneous, so illogical, to be true? I cannot answer that, nor prove it, but it is my truth. 

    I must go to the beginning before the beginning of the act that happened, for you to comprehend the fear I had.

    It was November 7th, of my Junior year in high school. The day was an average gray sky, and of no special occasion. My name is Adam Ink. I was sitting with my friends, Haley Rook and Jonathon Leez, in my AP History class. 

    We were revi…

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