The concept of the "Creepypasta" way of writing has definitely intrigued me of late. I've known about the big ones for a while, but I never understood the origins of the writing style. It wasn't until I stumbled upon a podcast called Midnight Marinara, where they do audio versions of various CP stories. I heard some of the popular ones as well as some lesser known ones. As a lover of the horror/thrilling genre, I was very drawn to the stories. For a while now, I've been brainstorming ideas for my own CP stories. I have one idea that I think is gold, but I'm trying to cultivate it into something legitimate.

There are so many CP stories out there, that people seem to hardly blink an eye at a new one anymore. Plus, it seems like, with higher volume, you get lower quality. There are definitely some good ones coming out, but there is a lot of trash to wade through to get to them. I feel my story is genuine and one of good dread-filled quality. In time, I plan on putting it on here for others to enjoy. When explaining it to a few friends, they had to ask me to stop, as it already had them a bit nervous. I even received a text message from one the other day cursing me for letting that darkness into his light-filled world. I look forward to sharing that darkness with time.