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1/2/16 Plans/Ideas

Hey guys, what's going on? After yesterday, I wanted to create a quick post just to outline a few plans that I have and to store/expand upon any existing ideas I have. I feel that by doing this I can develop my stories as I go along and create a more prominent atmosphere and plot line in my own head. To begin, over the past couple of years, especially very recently, I have had multiple ideas for a creepy pasta but I just never had the resolve to put pen t paper. I have two main ideas that I have begun to ponder and that I like the idea of. As such, I have decided that I may start off with one shorter story to begin my creative process and to spark ideas on my style of writing, strengths and weaknesses etc. After this, I will begin on a longer, more detailed story using all knowledge and experience gained from my last. I may post an update now and again and eventually a piece that I have written.

~Kieran aka DanteMustDiee

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