So guys, I guess this is what should be a blog post. SO you have to introduce your self. Let me start by that.

I'm Daniel. Daniel Pox. My job is being a paranormal investigator. I really don't investigate the infamous ones, only the really not-so-famous ones. I have researched the Enfield Horror, The Tissue, and the Graveyard dogs. I am also involved in the debunking of apparitional sightings which is pretty fun considering the fact that you get rewarded with the reporter's guilty faces once you prove their sightings false.

I have a weird hobby. Making news articles by the name of Shin Imai news. My pen name: Shin Imai. I don't get where I got that name but it sounds cool so I'm standing with it.

Here, take my first issue . 

First issue download In order to view it correctly, you need to download it and open it using Microsoft Word. Just telling ya.

Well, I've introduced my self. 

The next thing you're supposed to do on blogs is write stories. But I don't have any stories in mind right now so.... DON'T WRITE COMPLETE STORIES!!! THEY'LL GET DELETED! ACTUAL ADVICE FROM FURBEARINGBRICK!!! Wow blogs are really limited in usage! However, if you follow the rules, I think you'll actually have fun!

Ok, so good night and make sure you survive Dec. 21 2012!

Daniel Pox

P.S. what time is the world supposed to end on 12/21/2012? I hear it's 11:11 P.M. Is that false?