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  • Danielpox

    Polybius REVEALED

    March 25, 2013 by Danielpox


    So... I was reading some polybius based article, and I just became so irritated by the fact that not many people know the truth of Polybius.

    I only figured it out because I found it on a Uncle John's  Bathroom Reader book. And that information is mostly true. Because I research it later and find it on reliable websites.

    But anyway Here's the info:


    Here goes:

    There.... actually was a Polybius. People say it was an urban legend... It wasn't! It actually was a game, but no one remembers the gameplay very well. Well all we can rely on is the ROM game. We'll guess that's what it looked like. Anyway, you know how people say they saw men in black suits collecting "data"? That "data" was actua…

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  • Danielpox

    A Lettar to the Admins

    March 23, 2013 by Danielpox

    You know when you add pictures directly onto articles it comes with the added by Username thingy? Are we allowed to remove that? Like for instance the admins upload a template or something?


    Are you allowed to put any sort of template onto your page? like an infobox? at least :(

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  • Danielpox

    Wait? So who started this whole big business and why is it such a big deal? Are you going to publish it? Are you going to put it on the kindle store? What are you going to do with it????? :O

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  • Danielpox

    Cool Fonts

    February 4, 2013 by Danielpox

    Ok, here are some cool fonts that you can use on microsoft word to SPICE UP SOME OF YOUR CREEPYPASTAS!

    but some of them might not show up. If that happens, forgive me. My computer is weird these days.


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  • Danielpox

    What should be a blog post

    December 21, 2012 by Danielpox

    So guys, I guess this is what should be a blog post. SO you have to introduce your self. Let me start by that.

    I'm Daniel. Daniel Pox. My job is being a paranormal investigator. I really don't investigate the infamous ones, only the really not-so-famous ones. I have researched the Enfield Horror, The Tissue, and the Graveyard dogs. I am also involved in the debunking of apparitional sightings which is pretty fun considering the fact that you get rewarded with the reporter's guilty faces once you prove their sightings false.

    I have a weird hobby. Making news articles by the name of Shin Imai news. My pen name: Shin Imai. I don't get where I got that name but it sounds cool so I'm standing with it.

    Here, take my first issue . 

    First issue downlo…

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