Daniel Wells

aka Daniel Wells

  • I live in a hospital of some sort
  • I was born on August 17
  • I am A MAN
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    Second blog

    May 22, 2013 by Daniel Wells

    This time I'll just jump into what happend, after I wrote the first post I waited for Elizabeth to come back, when she did she seemed very tired. She told me they gave her some medicine, I guess with the side effect of becoming sleepy. But rather than lay down she sat with me and we chatted for a bit. She told me about her life before she came here, she lived in a small city, with her dog in her small house. She loved watching TV, going for jogs with her doggy, and cooking, ect. But when I asked her how she ended up here, she said "I'd rather not talk about that" so I agreed not to ask. Then she asked me what my life was like, and how old I was when I came here, I told "I think I was 11 when I came here" I stopped and thought about the fac…

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  • Daniel Wells

    HIYA, my name is Daniel, I love this website soooo much, it's put a smile on my face for a while now. Let me start by telling you, that I am in a hospital of some kind, and I have been for a while. I don't really remember why, but im here and I thought you should know because I want to start blogging about my life. Ever since I got them to let me on to this website I've been catching up with the stories of my favorite writers,  but ever since my friends visit I've had this urge to type more, I'm not very creative but I do have lots of fun while im here, although I don't talked to  other pateints very much. OH, and I bet your wondering why im able to use a computer from where I am, I can because, according to the doctors, I don't risk braki…

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