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Family Guy: The Horror of Peter Griffin

Danfantic January 1, 2012 User blog:Danfantic

It all started at about 11 at night. My parents were out at some hotel suite and my younger sister, Rena, was asleep in her bed. I figured that since they wouldn’t be back for a few hours, I’d have an hour or so to watch Adult Swim and whatnot. Since my parents don’t allow me, this was an opportunity stroked at a 13 dreams. I was settling in my seat about to flip through the channels when my friend texted me.

Erin: Greg?

Me: Yeah?

Erin: You still up?

Me: Well considering that I’m on the other end of the phone texting you, I would assume yes.

Erin: Well I was just gonna ask yah, wanna sneak out?

Me: What?

Erin: Look my Moms out cold, your parents aren’t home, let’s go!

Me: Why though? Like where would we go?

Erin: Well go tag, you know spray-paint.

Me: Nuh Uh.

Erin: C’mon, remember when we were kids and we would see graffiti on the train tracks? We can spray one ourselves!

Me: Erin, go by yourself it’s really dark and it’s not safe.

Erin; C’mon man!

Me: No.

Erin: Well Carlos and I are going. When you decide to man up, you catch up.

That’s when I settled back down. I wasn’t about to spend my perfect night alone out vandalizing my town with my best friend and that thug. Right when I flipped to Adult Swim, the screen went black for a moment. At first I’d assumed a commercial was on, but it there was a pause for a minute or two. I tried to turn the T.V. off and back off again, but it wouldn’t turn off. Then at the flash of a light, the Family Guy Logo that appears right after the theme song. Nothing less, nothing more. Being a bit of a fan myself, I thought it odd for it showing at this hour. It shows mainly at 10p.m. on Fridays. Yet I thought nothing more of it, sometimes the schedules get mixed up. Hey, it happens!

But the weird part was that there was no theme song. It had me for a moment, but then my thoughts were cut off. The logo was no longer on the screen. There stood Peter Griffin, a black background right behind him. I thought it was part of the intro, but Peter’s facial expression gave me the chills. His face looked gaunt, almost as if he were in a trance. Then he spat out, “kivah”, in a twist of menacing horror.

Peters nghtmare

Peters demented smile

The voice was nothing like his own. I sat there staring as Peter’s face became distorted and twisted to a 90 degree angle. Where was the chubby, happy-go-lucky, comedic family man we all knew? His eyes dilated to small pupils of white and his mouth cracked open in a demented, strange, way. He began to shutter, and he disappeared in that exact moment. The camera was set on a house, the Griffin’s as it seemed. The house was realistic though, not animated and cheery as it was supposed to be. The screen seemed to be covered in a green haze and the image was pixelated. I heard a voice as I stared flabbergasted at the still image. I heard “etalitum”. Yes, I believe I heard correct. Etalitum. I tried to convince myself this was in my head, but this was sure as life.

The voice that stroke fear in my heart sounded gastly and sickening. It sounded more like Jigsaw or the devil itself than anyone in the show. I heard continuous guttural sounds and screams that pounded in my head. I wanted to run into my little sister’s room but I was too old for that. Plus, my sudden fright would only scare Rena. For what seemed like hours but only minutes did I hear the inflicting cries. Somehow I couldn’t drag my eyes from the screen. It was as if my eyes were locked there frozen. Images of self-mutilation filled my thoughtless head as agony swept my body.

I ran to the bathroom to vomit, feeling as if my internal organs would strain out. My pupils began to dilate as I slowly lost my mind. I felt a sharp crack as my head as my neck started to turn. I obtained myself as Peter faced the screen once more. He spoke different words this time. “lsousruoyfouoygnirtsllahstahtdaedfoymraehteraew”



It had sounded like a foreign language or gibberish at first but in my trance I understood them:




I tried to call my parents but they didn’t pick up the phone. I called Erin and he paused.

Me: Erin! Erin! Pick up!

Erin: What? Oh is this Greg?! Hey Carlos, he came to his senses!

Me: Erin! Come to my house! Quick!

Erin: Why? I’m in the middle of spray-painting the Milton’s. Later man!

“That’s just close enough”, I thought. I could hardly muster the strength to cry for help during my ordeal. I stood up and supported my arm on the chair. Then I scooted myself over to the front door. I tried to squeeze through the dog door. My back tightened, but I forced myself through. The Milton’s were right down the street. I lifted myself on the skateboard I’d left in the yard. I was there! I reached up just centimeters away from the doorbell, but the crippling pain in my neck pushed me right down. I gave myself a quick shove and the bell rang. The John Milton and Freeda Milton answered the door. They saw the ugly graffiti and thinking it was me, were about to call the cops. But when Freeda looked down, she saw I was hurt and in danger. She called the police for help. My neck was popped into place and the police called me to the station the next week. They asked me what I had seen the night before. I told them about Peter and they told me their story. Apparently everyone who was watching Adult swim and saw that that day, had been self mutilized.

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