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Dan67 April 12, 2013 User blog:Dan67


No, This doesn't mean your personal information i am referring to your personailty since any wiki i get on to (except indie game wikis, due to the lack of activity level) i somehow end up asking too many questions or say something wrong since i have this "I am not wrong problem" that is hurting my reputation as a person. I want to get to know you better so i don't end up insulting or saying anything that could be inapporiate to you that's all i need out of you, I'm not going to sway you to be less lenient when i break a rule because i deserve that punishment and theres no way in hell of getting out of it unless your a Professional hacker (which i can't even quote right on formus or even make those icons that you do on the formus without being taught first),

My TraitsEdit

Here are some personailty and lifestyle traits i live by so that you can understand me better during my visit or daily chat sessions.

  • Xenophobic: I don't like the outside world, i don't like leaving my house unless i am getting a new game or getting groceries this also means i can't mingle very well with some users when they bring up some topics about sports or fashion ( you can take North Korea for example since their a hermit country)
  • Short Tempered: I do have a really short out controllable short temper when i get blocked or assume that someone's trying to be a smartass when there actually not (Literally I'm brickwall and i won't shut up unless i am right so please get me to shut up so i will not continue it)

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