All right everypony everyone, I took the liberty of updating the Article Listing to include a lot of the pastas on the Orphaned pastas list. Just a few things I request:

  1. I probably made quite a few errors and could possibly have deleted/altered some pastas. I'll double check the listing for any mistakes, but be sure to check the pastas you guys wrote and fix it up. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  2. Make sure you link your pastas properly. Double check them, please! I had to do a lot of fixing up there.
  3. Double-check the pastas you linked to from your site page; those don't show up on the Orphaned pasta cache, and I can't help you in that case. Sorry.
  4. My work is still unfinished! I will be working on this some more tomorrow, but please, feel free to add unlisted pastas that I haven't gotten to yet! I haven't finished the Orphaned pastas cache, so that's a good place to start. This is a community effort people~!
  5. If you can, make sure the pastas are in proper alphabetical order, as of official standards. I probably made a few mistakes.

Thanks for your help, you guys, and let's help to stop Cleric from making blog posts in bold, italic, all caps, and red colored font!