Hello, my name is Dafauna. I go by Daphne, Daph, or Daffodil. Anyway, I've been reading Creepypastas for years but, I never really got involved in the community. I'll be correcting grammar and spelling errors on this Wikia. Also, if I find a good picture; I'll upload it. 

Maybe, I'll write my own pastas in the future. I do have a twisted mind. I've experienced a lot of scary, and strange things in my life. Due to my life experiences, I'm not easily scared or disgusted. I like to think of it as a good quality. I really enjoy drawing, writing stories, writing poetry, cooking, and reading. 

I'm a freshman in high school. It's so cold where I live. I despise the snow. I love chocolate, scary movies, comedy, and science. When I'm older, I want to be some sort of scientest or doctor. I haven't decided what kind yet. I like most colors but, I love the color blue. I also like purple, orange, red, green, black, white, grey, and very light blush pink. All the other pinks burn my eyes. 

Thanks for reading if you read all this. If you have any questions; ask me something. I'm friendly unless you mess with the people I care about. :)