• Dafauna

    A Wild Dafauna Appears!

    November 27, 2013 by Dafauna

    Hello, my name is Dafauna. I go by Daphne, Daph, or Daffodil. Anyway, I've been reading Creepypastas for years but, I never really got involved in the community. I'll be correcting grammar and spelling errors on this Wikia. Also, if I find a good picture; I'll upload it. 

    Maybe, I'll write my own pastas in the future. I do have a twisted mind. I've experienced a lot of scary, and strange things in my life. Due to my life experiences, I'm not easily scared or disgusted. I like to think of it as a good quality. I really enjoy drawing, writing stories, writing poetry, cooking, and reading. 

    I'm a freshman in high school. It's so cold where I live. I despise the snow. I love chocolate, scary movies, comedy, and science. When I'm older, I want to…

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