The Shattered Mirriors entries are out. There are only two entries avalible to watch, but more are on the way. I'm hoping that this series will be added to the Slenderverse, because there will be some new proxies being added to the gang, and im hoping that the fandom will not ruin the characters. Please keep in mind that the characters in the Shattered Mirrors story are not the cannon characters, their official characters of who they are baced off of are my OC's who have their own stories, and not only for the Shattered Mirrors story. I will be posting the characters stories on my page, and will be reading their stories on my YouTube channel. Also, one last thing. You are allowed to use these characters in any of your own works, but please DO NOT try to take ownership of them. Tell me that you are using them, and be sure to give me credit for my characters. Thank you very much, now please enjoy Shattered Mirrorrs. Tell your friends, and show other people the entries.

The link to the Shattered Mirrors channel: