• DR WEB

    Before people started to say stuff like: "HUW DARE YOU DISRESPECT THIS STORY, IT'S CLASSIC, ONE OF THE FIRST...", i want to mention, that there a huge difference between 'classic stuff' and 'decrepit stuff'. Classic is something more than old stuff, it is something that feels new or original, no matter how the times past. 'Decrepit stuff' is something you want to forget, and never mention again. Like a very old rotten strawberry - everyone knows, that strawberries are tasty, but one want to taste this one, because of this. Now i'm thinking to strarting a write something 2deep4me stuff, so finally here is my list:

    10) Dead Bart

    This pasta is not so horrible, as many say in the comments, but the ending is really weird. I don’t know why the wri…

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