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Can some one help me find a story?

D4rk0dse October 3, 2015 User blog:D4rk0dse

So ages ago,(probably a few years ago) I heard this creepy pasta on youtube, I dont know who it was by, or the name of it, It couldve been any number of the big story tellers, i dont know, Ive scoured MCPs channel, but my search so far has been inconclusive,

From what i remember, it was depressing, but I remember it being incredibly well written, and vaguely, the plot was along the lines of, a person(i think a teenager) taking a form of antidepressants and such, and when they slept, they had dreams/visions of a being/entity(yeh i checked there as well, no results) Of a guy, at first they where scared of the being, then they started talking, and the became good friends, and im pretty sure, After they got taken off the medication(i think this is how it went) they got depressed because the only friend they had was now gone,

Im like 90% sure thats how the story went, But it has been years since i heard it, and i would really like to read/listen to it again,

Please and thank you to anyone who can help

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